Your online business advisor

Who we are

We specialize in website creation and mobile application / custom software development, including cross-platform development. We also offer our clients further marketing, publishing and optimization services for their projects, which allows the client to expand their audience and build a loyal client base.

We also consult our clients and outsource such services as internal expense control, electronic accounting and enterprise resource planning system, optimisations and automatization of workflow for accounts receivable and payables, payroll services, outstaffing of IT specialists, and etc.

When assisting our clients in scaling up their business, our main goal is to advise clients on how to control and develop their internal control and ERP systems to reach new heights.

We work with stakeholders across the globe and help our clients to:

  • Hassle free documentation and invoicing flow organization
  • Automatize contracting and invoicing processes
  • Define the risk factors of client's internal control systems
  • Develop and maintain expense control systems

What we do

  • Man and woman at work

    Scaling up businesses

    Our team offers solutions to organization of all scales which are aimed to scale up their businesses both internally and externally. We provide our clients with a risk based approach to ensure safe and risk free payment execution.

  • Team at work

    Team consulting

    We train customers employees to implement risk based approach in their daily routine. With a set of techniques we introduce the programs and tools needed to evade possible payment risks, we develop andintroduce internal control systems, ensuring streamline payment processes for your needs.

  • Man coding on laptop

    Risk based business analysis and automation

    We will provide you with the best possible support on how to scale up profits and lower your operating costs. We help our clients to find and implement the correct operating costs control model with a set of highly effective tools. We will find the right place for process automation in your business that will fit into your management processes.

  • Charts at laptop screen

    Visualise decision making

    We help our clients to understand complicated business metrics and convert raw financial data into demonstrative visualisations, which help to make accurate decisions with predictable results.

  • Developer at work

    Website development

    We create websites containing all the necessary functions and features to encourage visitors to get involved, register and make purchases. Our custom website development services bring you increased profits, as we can build a new website for your business from scratch, or update and freshen your current website so that it fits your needs and goals.

  • Man looks at screen with code

    Mobile application and software development & publishing

    As a mobile app development company, we offer services of development of applications for both iOS and Android, including cross-platform app development.

    We offer our customers a full scope of custom application design, integration, and management solutions, developing either from scratch or picking up existing processes at any development stage and maintaining the application further on.

  • Marketing team

    Marketing and advertising

    With a vast experience and a full scope of resources and marketing channels we can turn the perception of the visitors of your website from "scrolling" to "I need this ASAP". We know how to reach your key audience and acquire more qualified customers at a lower cost, build a loyal customer base and put your business on a continuous growth trajectory.

  • Worktable


    We know how challenging it is to build a capable and effective team of IT specialists, and for those who are looking for a couple of brilliant hands to work on their projects and make their ideas come to life in the best possible way, we offer to outsource developers with specific skills that you look for.

How we work

  1. We get to know and introduce ourselves to the organization. We get acquainted with the internal regulations and employees.
  2. We determine the risks that organisation is exposed to. We propose a plan of actions and determine the means necessary for their implementation. We present, adjust and approve the plan with the company.
  3. We introduce new techniques and metrics, test and implement automations.
  4. We manage the enterprise resource planning system tailored to your needs.

Our features

  • Quality

    Our team and service-providers are highly qualified professionals dedicating their experience and efforts to provide you with the highly valuable services ensuring the best quality- price rates.

  • Experience

    Our solutions are designed with help of cutting edge technologies, web and mobile services, best programming practices.

  • Support

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that they are fully satisfied. For our clients we offer qualified support with every question that may arise.

  • Flexibility

    With our tools and solutions we can offer solutions for every business scale, from small local businesses to major corporates and international holdings- we develop solutions for everyone.

  • Efficiency

    Combining our expertise and attention to details we can offer our services to almost every business, fast and efficient.